Procedures related to replacement of Aortic Valve in chest

Coronary surgery using an off-pump technique

Repairing of the mitral valve by minimal access

Coronary arteries Bypass grafting (CABG)

This technique is carried out routinely every year on more than 20,000 patients in the U.K. since last forty years the operating techniques have saved tons of patients lives and also improved their standard Roberto Casulaof living, by reducing the breathing problem and angina pain. One of the plus points in the OPCAB technique is that it helps in performing the entire operation without stopping the lungs and heart and at the same time cardiopulmonary bypass machine is not employed.

Usage of the cardiopulmonary bypass machine comes up with complications like mid-way memory loss or increases the chances of blood transfusion post-surgery.

In short, in some particular patients usage of OPCAB significantly decreases the death risk and stroke as compared to the method of the conventional “on-pump” technique of operation. Mr Casula is an exceptional surgeon in the U.K, who carries out this procedure routinely.

Recent allegations against Mr Robert Casula, the Eni executive

Robert Casula recently has been investigated over corruption charges. Presently he is in leave from ENI (an Italian producer of gas and oil company based in Rome). Previously he was the part of Africa Roberto Casulaoperations, as a head member, who has been interrogated by the Milan prosecutors on a case regarding involvement in corruption in the Republic of the Congo. He has defended himself and has promised to cooperate with the legal officials fully.

The CEO of Eni’s and the company have rejected the possibilities of any wrongdoing and hopes for a swift return of Mr Roberto Casula to work. Meantime his position has been given to a senior manager for the time being.

He is the chief development officer of technology and operations in Eni. Presently his position is occupied by Alessandro Puliti, executive vice president of development and reservoir projects