Inside The Daily Life of Roberto Casula

Eni S.p.A. happens to be one of the biggest companies in oil and energy resources in the whole world. Its headquarters are located in Rome, Italy and has operations in a total of 79 different countries. One of the major reasons why it has reached such success is because of incredible employees. One of the most contributing members of this family happens to be Roberto casula, Senior Executive at Eni.roberto casula

About The Man

Having joined this company in the year of 1988 as an engineer, Mr. Roberto quickly learned about his line of work and climbed up the ranks in a matter of years. Slowly and steadily, from being a worker, he was able to get some managerial positions at Eni before he was finally hired as the Manager Director of the branch in Libya in the year of 2005.

His career has been nothing short of a success story and still continues to be so. With and each and every passing day, Eni is also growing slowly and steadily over time getting its reaches to different parts of the world as we speak.

His Daily Life

One of the most curious questions that people seem to have about Roberto casula eni is about his daily life and how he goes about it. Naturally, much of it is spent busy in office work. From dealing with the dictating agenda of the day to solving the pettiest of issues in the company, everything needs to be attended to.roberto casula

Also, there is a separate time kept for thinking about plans formulated regarding their activities and their results. Revision is done for short-term, mid-term as well as long-term goals for the company and all its commitments. Scheduling is also done accordingly so that all these little bits and pieces may come together to form an efficient working engine.