IFCJ – Helping Bridge the Gap between Christians and Jews

Many organizations have come up in the past decade or so, having interests in the betterment of the oppressed communities around the world. IFCJ is amongst them. They are using the money donated by affluent Christians in a worthy manner and as per the Biblical world. The organization is helping Jews return to Israel, amidst political upheaval.

About The Founders

Rabbi Eckstein and his daughter Yale are heading the organization. Everyone must know, Rabbi is not a Messianic Jew, but an orthodox, old – world Rabbi.

Many people are of the opinion and have questions about the organization, in their minds. A very frequent question is IFCJ a good charity?” Rabbi says that millions are invested for to remove poverty from Israel. But, reports are that nearly 40% of Messianic Jews are living poor lives. Rabbi is not supporting Jews in Yeshua.

Certain updates about the Fellowship

IFCJ Reviews say the organization refuses to share good news about the Jewish Messiah with all. They have no written statement. They are known to promote massively for their organization and the salaries drawn by top executives are hugely inappropriate. The salary and benefit packages are five times, higher than other Israel Non-profit organizations.

IFCJ Ratings

The organization has got a rating of” meets standards” by international assessment bodies like BBB. The charity has met all the known government standards to operate. That includes a board of directors of 11 members, who meet 3 times a year. Only 10% of the board is paid.

Their recent IRS Form 990 listed on their website state that they spend 65% of their earnings on programs, 35% on fund raising activities and maintains an accurate financial statement for observances.

The IFCJ rating shows they declared grants worth $ 132 million in 2015. The charity report was last update in 2017.

So, it has to be observed now, how the organization is heading.