IFCJ: A Brief History of the Organization and Its Founder  

The organization IFCJ, was itself found by rabbi yechiel Eckstein to improve the relationship between the Christians and the Jews. By improving the relations, it was believed that people from both these communities, would have a better understanding regarding different issues. The Israelis and the Jews need a lot of support as they are in crisis. The two communities need to stand by each other and help each other out in times of needs. There is a lot of respect that people in the present times have for each other and this has to be maintained.

Philanthropic causes

The IFCJ today is a one of its kind organization today. Different issues of social welfare are looked after by these people. A global outreach has been established which helps in spreading the wings of the organization further. Poverty in the lands of the Jews will soon be eradicated, owing to the tireless efforts of these people.

rabbi yechiel Eckstein

Touching lives

Rabbi Eckstein, through his words as well as efforts has become successful in touching the lives of thousands of people who were languishing in poverty. The different Jews from around the world who were suffering have found a renewed vigor to live owing to the organization.

Freedom of religion

Yechiel Eckstein, has always upheld the freedom of the people to choose their own faith. He has earned many awards and praises owing to his efforts to bring world peace. The rights of the Jews, who have suffered throughout mankind’s history, was strongly advocated by people like Eckstein.’

You can very well know about the great efforts of the rabbi by going through IFCJ reviews. These reviews make it very clear that the non-profit organization has been doing really good work for the benefit of the people. All kinds of assistances are provided to the people under the guidance and vision of the rabbi.