Everything about the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews or IFCJ in short, is a philanthropic organisation whose main mission is to promote a harmonious relation between Christians and Jews throughout the world, build broad support for Israel, and replace the history of discord with a relationship marked by dialogue, respect, and cooperation. The organisation has been founded by an Israeli American Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein in the year 1983 with the original name being Holyland Fellowship of Christians and Jews. He also served as the president of the organisation until his death in early 2019. Currently the organisation has headquarters and several other offices in Jerusalem, Chicago, Toronto, Seoul, and Sao Paulo.IFCJ reviews

The main objectives of the IFCJ are to support Jews in various ways of life such as helping those who are in dire need of financial helping order to sustain themselves and their families. It promotes emigration of Jews to Israel and supports poor soldiers in the Israeli military. The organisation provides humanitarian aid to the needy in Israel and in Jewish communities around the world, promotes prayer and security on behalf of the Jewish state, and builds bridges of understanding between Christians and Jews.IFCJ reviews

In 2003, the organisation was listed as the second-largest charitable foundation in Israel by Ha’aretz, the longest running print newspaper in Israel and IFCJ reviews have been greatly positive.

The latest IFCJ rating five in the year 2018 was very high. The Charity Navigator gave them a three-star rating with a score of 85.68 out of 100. These IFCJ ratings goes to show that their standard of work is in fact of excellent quality and they are truly one of the major organisation which is helping Jews all around the world to achieve a comfortable and peaceful life and gives a definitive answer to the question: Is IFCJ a good charity?