Choose Perfect Treatment For Healthy Life

Everyone wants to be healthy and fit, always. That requires complete care and sincere efforts to be applied, in order to achieve the desired results. Normally, people get busy in their work and personal life balance. That makes them forget the care for health. Nowadays, you can easily buy cbd oil for sale that proves to be an all round treatment for all your physical problems to a certain extent. Since you can get the relief very soon, when you choose it to work regularly. It would make you feel happy and contended, while getting the expected effects on your life.

There is a huge range of cbd oil for sale in the market, which would help you to enhance your fitness level and longetivity in terms of body functioning. The only need of the product is the continuous use, that would provide you with the lasting effects. As there is no harm of using the naturally prepared reliable products, by the leading manufacturers of the market. That would make you keep using it for long term, without any kind of doubts or side effect evident yet.

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Live A Perfect Lifestyle Regularly

In the journey of modernization, everyone wants to achieve the perfect results within minimum investment and least efforts. However, it gets little difficult to receive the desired outcome in most of the cases. Cbd oil for pain is one of the leading examples of the needed treatment. That can make your life easier and smooth, to keep working along with the good health in your life. Since it is one of the most wanted essentials of the human life, to live a pain less life through out. For which, organic products are quite relevant and harmless simultaneously.

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COO of “Book of the Month” Blake Orlandi is hiring. Grab the opportunity!

The Book of the Month Club has a history of 90 years, a powerful platform running an e-commerce monthly book subscription service. It empowers readers, in an affordable and convenient way, to buy and discover new books every month. The brand is rapidly growing and currently looking for fresh and diverse talent to continue the company’s growth. CEO John Lippman and COO Blake Orlandi are looking to bring the company to a whole new level.  And that requires new talent.

Currently, they have a job opening for engineers.  Specifically, software engineers for data and cloud operations.  They will be responsible for releasing new features. The engineer will have to make vital business decisions using the company’s data and have to implement automated and tooling deployment systems which will ensure that the features of the company are delivered predictably and consistently.

Book of the Month Club is also looking for someone to fill a director role in performance marketing.  Here they are looking for someone to maximize growth through paid marketing, while staying within budget, to optimize the sources of existing channels as well as expanding and creating new ones. Advertising programs need to be executed across Email, AdWords, Facebook, TV/OTT, and other platforms.

The company is also looking for an influencer, manager and affiliate marketing professional and a director of product management, who will look after the operations and development of the Book of the Month Club Website and improve the online experience. It also includes managing different features of the site to give readers a more efficient and comfortable experience. The director will need to work with engineering and design partners to produce new features including backend applications for consumers.

Other positions newly open include Product Manager, Finance and Accounting Analyst and Member Services Associate.

What is it like working at Book of the Month Club?

Employees who have worked at Book of the Month Club regularly praise the excellent experience working with a brilliant group of passionate book lovers and praise the executive leadership of John Lippman and Blake OrlandiThere are ample opportunities to learn how the new management team have taken a popular subscription service (550,000 subscribers in 1946) that was facing extinction in the Internet age to become one of the premier subscription services in the United States.

It is clear that the company’s future is every bit as bright as its illustrious past.  So if you are looking for a new and challenging professional experience working with some of the best and brightest minds in the publishing industry, Book of the Month Club may be the right place for you!


Make Visa-free Trip to Australia!

Something might make you think why more people make their holiday trip to Australia rather than flying to other destinations across the globe. One reason is that this country is an awesome destination for holiday trip makers and not too crowded. This is also a good holiday destination for budget travelers. AustraliaThough most tourists are not visiting here from North America because of long distance travel, yet few people travel to this country due to the benefit of visa-free travel under Visa Waiver Program (VWP). The visa-free entry into this country is the major advantage of planning a trip to this country.

Reasons to visit Australia

There are many sightseeing places to visit in Australia. The low-budget visa-free trip to this country creates a charm of spending holidays here. Most inbound Australian holiday travelers make their trip to popular Australian cities such as Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, and many people take advantage of adventure sports in this country. The Great Barrier Reef here is world famous for richness of its marine life and world-class diving facilities. AustraliaThere are many things to do here in this country, apart from recreational activities. People also enjoy good foods and dishes in this country.

Why to choose Australia for next trip

Australia trip was never so difficult to make, but introduction of visa-free entry into this country has made more easier for international travelers to land straight into this country without fulfilling tough visa requirements. As most people usually don’t stay for long on international destinations, Electronic Travel Authority becomes the preferred choice for many travelers. You don’t need to wait for long when you apply for Australian ETA. You can make an airline booking and submit ETA application concurrently. This travel document will be in your hand before commencement of your trip. Don’t you think this idea is Good! Then why to make a trip to a visa country when you can travel visa-free.

The juniors and freshers need inspiration

At the time of admission in any institution, every students dreams bigger and higher. For the new comer, it is the realization of the dream that he has been weaving for so long. Recalling the efforts made just to get admitted in the institution of own choice, the student might find a smile on his face when he tends to enter the gate of the university every day in the morning. Texas Christian Class RingHowever, as it happens to be, this is not the end, rather what follows after admission requires certainly tough degrees of work. Therefore, the junior batches or the newcomers shall have the true kind of guidance and inspiration from whatever source they can manage to have. More often than not, it becomes easier and simple enough to receive best suggestions about life at university from the senior batches. But as far as inspiration is concerned, it remains due and is not addressed at ease.

Texas Christian Class Ring sums up everything aside and emerges as the sole source of inspiration for students studying in the university. Texas Christian Class RingA mere discussion about Texas Christian Class Ring might give thrusts to the students, but it might fade away as soon as the concentration due to factors unknown, is lost. To solve this issue, the university keeps looking towards any possible solution, unless they come up with one that makes the, offer replicas of Texas Christian Class Ring in a keychain to the freshmen in the university, with which they can easily try to maximize their efforts, only after enough inspiration has been gathered from the source. Therefore, the freshers and the junior batches of the institution receive some kind of inspiration from the replica of the power that they themselves will be holding pretty much soon, only after with the same inspiration, they have fulfilled their tasks and passed out with flying colors.

Titanium Is Tough & Superior to Use for Diversity of Applications

William Gregor studied minerals as a hobby, but his interest to study minerals proved to be boon for this world. Titanium was first element to be discovered when an era of modern chemistry begun in the middle -18th century. Titanium tubeThis was the period when basic concepts of modern chemistry were also developed. The chemists developed a chart, called Periodic Table, showing arrangement and relationship of elements. Titanium found its position in the middle of this Table that showed its worth among many other elements.

Titanium’s superiority over other elements

Over years, chemists realized the supremacy of this element. Though extraction of this element from its natural ore was an uphill task that required money and efforts, yet the amazing properties of this element raised curiosity among chemists to explore this element for multiple applications. The success was achieved, mostly in 1950s, when titanium’s applicability got surge. Titanium tubeThe makers of construction material and equipment for various industries realized the usefulness of this element that existed in metal form. It could be a better substitute of steel as proved from the superiority of titanium tube and pipe.

Titanium: A high-value material for construction

Titanium proved that its properties are far better than steel, and it is a high-value metal as a material for construction and equipment making. Titanium tube proved its worth in many industries. Tube is one of the common titanium mill products. Its superior strength-to-weight ratio and corrosion resistance appeal industries to use it in a range of products. The advancements in terms of titanium alloys has further extended its use in more industries, from power generation to chemical and industrial processing.

Common industries that use titanium tube

Today, most common applications of titanium tube can be viewed in chemical processing, oil and gas, aerospace, and power generation. Titanium is light but strong, and has high immunity against external elements, and that’s why tough and superior to use for diversity of applications.

SHSU and its unique traditions

It is always a great day when you are offered admissions to your preferred degree program from a prestigious University, isn’t it? The Sam Houston state University has several degree programs and its criminal justice course is one of the oldest and the best in the country.

shsu class ringEver since the college got established in 1879, it has undergone several changes to the point that it is now one among the best educational institutions in all of Texas.  The SHSU certainly stands out from the other educational institutions on account of its curriculum, faculty as well as its quixotic traditions like the SHSU class ring.

The Bearkat camp

As with any other college or University across the United States, SHSU also has an original orientation program that targets incoming freshmen. The new students are taken around the campus, provided more information about the University and some of its unique traditions such as the SHSU class ring, Bearkat alley, tree of light and more. This allows the new students t o learn more about the University before their classes even begin. Incidentally, the orientation camp is for a period of 4 days only.

Tree of light:

shsu class ringEach time, as the festive season rolls around, the largest tree would then be decorated, with the students joining in. And whether you are an official Bearkat with the SHSU class ring or a new freshman you can participate in the ceremony, and even leave canned goods for charity at the foot of the tree. The tradition is indeed unique and it culminates with Christmas carols from the choir. And when the choir sings ‘jingle bells’, all the students take their keys out and jingle it was well. On the whole, it is a brand new experience for new students and an old and cherished tradition to participate in.

Why Would You Prefer Hotel Booking Engine Over Facebook Book Now Button?

The strength of social media has been widely recognized to target audiences in the modern time. Social media are powerful tools for business marketing and they also perform well for hospitality industry. They claim to offer many benefits to entertainment and hotel business to allow booking to customers through their networks.

Are social media safe way to make hotel booking

Reservations.comThere is no firm evidence of success of this method of booking because people usually don’t prefer to make booking through social media channels. One thing is that these channels are widely used by people and have no guarantee of security. Anyone can join a social media site and start social interaction. No one can trust the site to make booking or to make a transaction. However, brands use social media to target audiences, but these audiences won’t feel comfortable to make transactions or bookings.

Facebook Book Now Button: Success or failure

The advantage of hotel booking can be enjoyed on Facebook through the use of its feature ‘Facebook Book Now Button’, but how many Facebook users have so far used this feature for hotel booking or how many are going to use it in future. Reservations.comThis feature has no influence, despite the claim by Facebook about its usefulness. The hotel owners maintaining Facebook account have also never encouraged their customers to use this feature. Thus, no one can say whether this feature would be a success or failure in future.

Booking on hotel booking engine site

Most people intending to make hotel booking use hotel booking engine site. Trivago has earned name by publicity; MakeMyTrip is also popular; and there are others that are being popularized. Why not try which has some good features that can be used for most convenient and efficient hotel booking. Thousands of people make hotel booking on this platform every day and some of them place their reviews. You can know what past travelers say about this hotel booking site and try it next time.

The Success Story of John Lippmann Led Book of the Month Club

John Lippman is MBA, and he is an entrepreneur and media personality. His association with Book of the Month Club as its CEO and its parent Bookspan brought him more in limelight. Many old people who are fond of reading and going to book clubs for reading might knew the name of this media personality, but millennials book lovers should be grateful to him because efforts of Lippmann developed association of millennials with Book of the Month Club and helped them to find the books, they needed most for reading. Lippmann has led start-ups, corporate turnarounds, and deals ranging from $5 million up to $3.5 billion. There is lot more to discuss about this media personality.

Lippmann’s vision for success of Book of the Month Club

Since the time, John Lippman joined Bookspan and started working for Book of the Month Club as its CEO, he had no doubt about the progress of this book club. Lippmann is a great visionary. He had one thing in his mind that right decision was needed to make Book of the Club compatible for millennial generation. He knew that success couldn’t arrive by sticking to same old traditional subscription box. Tradition is not bad, but it must make pace with the present. What present generation needs is more important than what past members of Book of the Month Club liked. This point was well picked by its present CEO Lippmann.

How Lippmann’s plan worked

So, John Lippman begun with the plan of makeover of Book of the Month Club that could make it suitable for millennial generation. Lippmann decided the relaunch of the Book of the Month Club through its complete makeover. His idea was great and he achieved great success by moving Book of The Month Club’s existing customers to other book clubs within the Bookspan family, and launched the all-new Book of the Month Club in late 2015. The results were amazing in just two years when the Club’s revenues neared $ 10 million in 2017.

Best Destination Holidaying in New York

As an international hot spot, NYC is the country’s cultural hot spot, with ballet, opera, symphony, and Broadway shows across the world.  The city literally has the best tourist attractions to offer right from the great American Icon, the Statue of Liberty to the most wonderful American Museum of Natural History where you will get the opportunity to witness the fossils of the extinct creature you would never witness anywhere in the globe.

Reservations.comBeing the world’s most expensive city, finding the hotels with the right prices is pretty daunting for the new travelers. Apparently, with the best travel services like your travel experience will be even more joyful and super sensational. They can definitely help you get the best deals for the hotels with high quality customer service.

Top Things you can do in this amazing city

Statue of Liberty National Monument– It’s one of the most iconic sights to see in the city with the most popular harbor cruises. Tourists visiting this monument are sure to get the most incredible experience. You can have the complete view of the monument during the boat ride.

Central park- When you are looking for some scenic tourist Reservations.comdestinations, apparently Central Park is the best place to visit. It is one of the most beautiful landmarks with bridges and fountains. Especially when you are traveling with children, there is no better place than Central Park.

Empire State Building– It is an extremely popular place among travelers. One of the most famous landmarks not only of the locals instead for all the tourists visiting NYC.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art– You can see the breathtaking view of the Central Park and Manhattan from this building. One of the best museum in the world known for its beautiful architecture and collections.

Starting to Read? Try These Tips To Find An Interest In the Same!

Do you want to change your hobby? Or are you looking forward to selecting one of the best hobbies in the world? Well, understand the relevance of reading! Reading is one of the best hobbies you can get in your life. There is no doubt in the fact that reading can help you with gaining knowledge as well as spending your time perfectly.

But if you are new to reading, then start with small steps to make it interesting. You must see that if you love reading in the first place. But how will you find out about the same? Well there are few things you can start doing. It will not only help you save money, but will also help you get through some of the most interesting books.

Well, John Lippmann and people like him have brought you some of the easiest options!

So, what should you do?

Following are few things you must do when it comes to starting with reading books:

  • Visiting libraries:

Visiting the library is not only allow you to get through with the book of your dreams, but also helps you realise how people love reading! The Ambience in itself will as an encouragement you always needed! There is no doubt in the fact that libraries are the best places to read books. And you must try it to stay encouraged!

  • Try the subscription boxes:

Nowadays you can get to with the subscription boxes that come at cheap prices and will allow you to purchase you books every month in return! People like John Lippmann, brings you the best subscription boxes without a doubt! There is no doubt in the fact that will subscription boxes will help you with some of the finest books of your time and without the fear of losing money.

These are some of the best things you can do when was starting of with reading as a hobby! With the help of people like John Lippman, things will be easy!

Some Facts About Yael Eckstein’s Personal Life, Traits & Personality

The reign of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ), having its headquarters in Chicago and Jerusalem, continued under the presidentship of its founder Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein who died recently in February this year due to cardiac arrest.Yael Eckstein

Rabbi Eckstein ruled and commanded this international charity for 35 years and raised over million dollars every year in donations from envious Christians. Yael Eckstein, the daughter of deceased Yechiel Eckstein, took over charge of her father’s legacy, as expected by most followers of IFCJ.        

About Yael Eckstein’s personal life

Yael Eckstein was born in Evanston, Illinois in United States, but completed her education in Israel. New York, and Jerusalem. Her alma maters were Torat Chesed Seminary in Israel, followed by Queens College in New York, and Hebrew University in Jerusalem. She secured degrees in biblical studies and Jewish and sociology studies. She is now married and lives with her husband and four children in Jerusalem where her father was also living.

About Yael’s traits

Yael Eckstein has remarkable media traits. She is an expert on Jewish-Christian relations and an esteemed social services professional. She is also recognized as a published writer and regular writer as well. She is also the author of two books; her first book Holy Land Reflections was published in 2012, and second book Spiritual Cooking with Yael was published in 2014. As a regular writer, she writes blogs and op-eds for The Jerusalem Post and The Times of Israel. She performed briefing and participated in Panel Discussion on Religious Persecution in the Middle East in Washington, D.C., and also addressed at global events.Yael Eckstein

Yael’s recognition

Yael was a prominent personality due to her own achievements, and her recognition as a daughter of IFCJ President’s daughter was also prominent, but she herself acquired the status of the President of IFCJ after her father. The status of Yael has upgraded, and Jews have more expectations from Yael than her father.



How Blake Orlandi grew to COO role

Do you want to know about the Chief Operating Office of Book of the month, the ecommerce Subscription Company? Then, read on this article. The COO, who is held in the top executive position, is Blake Orlandi. This person has held various positions in different companies prior to ascending to the COO position in the company. The journey of this person is continuing to inspire many people to climb their career ladder by taking tips and inspiration from Blake. He is currently residing and working in New York, United States.

Blake Orlandi has earned a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from the most reputed college, i.e. University of Pittsburg and received a Master of Business Administration degree from Harvard Business School in the year 2012. After completion of his studies, he started his career with Deloitte consulting. He worked in two different roles with this organization for a period of over 2 years. With this company, he worked as a Consultant and Business Analyst.

After that, he moved to Evergreen Copyrights Company and worked for a period of over 2 years. He joined as the Manager for the Acquisitions and Business development team and promoted as the Director of the same team in the span of one year. This shows his talent and commitment for the work. After leaving this company, he joined Bookspan, LLC for over 6 years. He worked in the capacity of Senior Vice President and was promoted to the COO role in the year 2014. After resigning from this company, he joined as the COO of the book of the month ecommerce subscription company. Blake Orlandi is currently overseeing the operations of various departments like marketing, business intelligence and operations. This company has a history of over 90 years that would filter thousands of books and picks five best books every month and sends to the members who have subscribed.


Things that a motorcyclist should definitely know

When you are a well-known motorcyclist, you must also be aware that you have certain responsibilities on your shoulder to be carried out because when you are riding a bike you are setting an example for not just the riders but also the other people who are watching you taking part in that sport. You must make sure to be responsible and also speak about the safety precautions that an aspiring rider must take. In the article below we have listed a few things that a motorcyclist should follow as part of the mandatory process.

  1. Wearing helmet

Partzilla shippingWhen you are riding, it is not just about the parts of the vehicles which are bought by Partzilla shipping is important; along with that even your safety becomes very important. You must wear helmets that are strong like the OEM parts shipped by Partzilla shipping and this can send a strong message to everyone around you because you are not just a rider but also a professional and a responsible one.

  1. Check for the safety of the bike

You must remember to get the vehicle maintenance done every time it touches a few km because some of the riders are careless and they end up giving up their lives which is definitely worthy. Hence, you must make sure to get the worn out parts replaced by the Partzilla shipping OEM parts when it is needed and also make sure to get the bike serviced as recommended by the service station.

  1. Drive safely

Partzilla shippingOf course, when you are a rider you would certainly be excited about the speed but, it is required that everything is kept under constant control else, you may not only put your lives into danger but also risk the lives of the pillions too.

The Spectacular Career of Yael Eckstein

YaelEckstein happens to be a noteworthy global figure. She has transformed the world with her progressive ideas and firm beliefs.Yael Eckstein

Personal Details

Yael Eckstein is the daughter of Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein. She was born in Illinois.Her vast knowledge about Biblical Studies, Jewish and Sociology studies has helped her a lot. She has pursued her studies from American and Israeli educational institutions.

Significant achievements

She is the president of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews.The main purpose of the organization is to educate the Christian youth. It also aims to highlight the importance of Israel.

As a matter of fact, Eckstein can elaborate on the Jewish life in detail. She also knows about the Jewish faith in great depth.

Her opinions on improving Jewish-Christian relations are praiseworthy. She has also talked about the religious persecution in the Middle East.

Interestingly, she has also been a part of the Religious Liberty Panel in Washington DC.She has carried forward her father’s legacy of the philanthropist empire. In one of her interviews, she has eulogized her father by saying that he was a rebel with a cause.Yael Eckstein

Eckstein is also a writer and a social service professional. She has been the author of two books which are Holy Land Reflections: A Collection of Inspirational Insights from Israel and Spiritual Cooking with Yael.

She has been called one of the most influential women of Israel because of the wide array of achievements and contributions. She has been a recipient of a number of awards.

Wrapping it up, Yael Eckstein has carved out a niche for herself. She has been spearheading serious debates and has transformed peoples ‘perceptions. Her opinions on the Jewish-Christian relations have been appreciated. Her insight on the Jewish faith and life has thrown light on various aspects.

How IFCJ would make most of the fundraising events?

International Fellowship of Christians and Jews is the non-profit organization that is growing leaps and bounds by serving the people globally. These IFCJ ratings people work with the aim to reinforce the relationship between Jewish and Christian community. They also use the funds to dispense food, clothes and medicine to the victims of war and terrorism besides offering job aids to the immigrants of Israel. These people spend less than 35% of the people to generate funds. IFCJ ratingsThey conduct various fundraising events to accumulate funds to run the charitable organization. They pick the right fundraising events that would serve the purpose. However, prior to funding, it is important to read the reviews and IFCJ ratings of the charitable organization. This gives a clear cut on how the charitable organization is operating and how they are spending the amount donated and are they spending it for the cause or not. This lets you decide whether or not to donate them.

To raise funds, it takes a lot of money and time on people. These people will have a proper plan in place to accomplish the goal through these events

Here is how IFCJ ratings would make most of the fundraising events:

IFCJ ratingsGet donors who can donate food, help in finding the venue and host entertainment activities. This will grab the attention of the huge crowd to attend the fundraising event and make it a big success. This is the best way to get contributions without having any relationship with the donor prior.

The Sponsorships would increase the income generated from the event. Sponsors would pay the charitable organization to get publicity through the event and promote about their company in the event.

Conduct auctions in the event to let people buy your items. This helps them generate more funds than expected.

Distribute ad books to the people who make the event. The ad books would have ads along with the information about this non-profit organization.

Media Guru – John Lippmann, Book of the Month Club

The Book of the Month Club is a United States e-commerce service which works on subscription based. The concept of the club works in this way, it offers five new hardcover books to its members every month. These books are selected by a panel of judges from the club and the member can decide which they would like to collect. John Lippman is the CEO of the Book of the Moth Club for Millennials. After he became the new owner of the Club, the company witnessed a huge success in its performance.John Lippman

John Lippman ideas about re-engineering the club were amazing. His achievements have a long history. He has developed, counseled and traded several companies in media, entertainment, consumers and e-commerce sectors.

How Book of the Month Club encouraged new and emerging writers

Book of the Month Club grown into popularity in the recent years and the membership count has increased tremendously.  Now the club holds more than 10000 members that include millennial women, adults and young professionals. The club mainly focuses on providing an opportunity to the new and emerging writers and helped many to kick start their writing careers.  Among those, many have turned into acclaimed writers.

John Lippman – CEO of Bookspan LLC

Bookspan LLC is New York-based online booksellers. It was established in 2000. The company was not doing well in their primary years, and in 2007 it was taken over by Bertelsmann. He was not successful in handling the business, so after a year later, he sold the company to Arizona Investment Firm known as Najafi Company. Later it changed hands to few other owners and finally, the New York media owner John Lippman took control of the ownership and became the CEO of Bookspan LLC in 2012.

Procedures related to replacement of Aortic Valve in chest

Coronary surgery using an off-pump technique

Repairing of the mitral valve by minimal access

Coronary arteries Bypass grafting (CABG)

This technique is carried out routinely every year on more than 20,000 patients in the U.K. since last forty years the operating techniques have saved tons of patients lives and also improved their standard Roberto Casulaof living, by reducing the breathing problem and angina pain. One of the plus points in the OPCAB technique is that it helps in performing the entire operation without stopping the lungs and heart and at the same time cardiopulmonary bypass machine is not employed.

Usage of the cardiopulmonary bypass machine comes up with complications like mid-way memory loss or increases the chances of blood transfusion post-surgery.

In short, in some particular patients usage of OPCAB significantly decreases the death risk and stroke as compared to the method of the conventional “on-pump” technique of operation. Mr Casula is an exceptional surgeon in the U.K, who carries out this procedure routinely.

Recent allegations against Mr Robert Casula, the Eni executive

Robert Casula recently has been investigated over corruption charges. Presently he is in leave from ENI (an Italian producer of gas and oil company based in Rome). Previously he was the part of Africa Roberto Casulaoperations, as a head member, who has been interrogated by the Milan prosecutors on a case regarding involvement in corruption in the Republic of the Congo. He has defended himself and has promised to cooperate with the legal officials fully.

The CEO of Eni’s and the company have rejected the possibilities of any wrongdoing and hopes for a swift return of Mr Roberto Casula to work. Meantime his position has been given to a senior manager for the time being.

He is the chief development officer of technology and operations in Eni. Presently his position is occupied by Alessandro Puliti, executive vice president of development and reservoir projects

The Mission of IFCJ ratings and How It Works for Betterment

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews was established in 1983 to advance comprehension and collaboration among Jews and Christians and to manufacture wide help for Israel and other shared concerns. Our vision is that Jews and Christians will turn around their 2,000-year history of strife and supplant it with a relationship set apart by discourse, regard and collaboration. IFCJ ratingsThroughout the years, we have been pioneers in Jewish-Christian relations, building extensions of altruism that have prompted more prominent comprehension and participation between individuals from these two incredible religions.

Task of IFCJ ratings

The Fellowship has given a huge number of dollars to programs helping Jews from the previous Soviet Union, India, Ethiopia, and somewhere else resettle in Israel, just as financing programs that battle destitution in Israel and help ruined old Jews and vagrants in the previous Soviet Union.

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews was established in 1983 to advance comprehension and participation among Jews and Christians and to manufacture wide help for Israel and other shared concerns. Our vision is that Jews and Christians will switch their 2,000-year history of dissension and supplant it with a relationship set apart by exchange, getting, regard and participation.

How is the IFCJ ratings assigned?

IFCJ ratingsAt The Fellowship, money related responsibility and great stewardship of contributors’ assets are paid attention to very! This discovers how your endowments to The Fellowship were allotted to best serve Israel and penniless Jewish individuals around the world.

Rabbi Eckstein, conceived in Winthrop, Massachusetts, got Orthodox Rabbinic appointment from Yeshiva University in New York. He held graduate degrees from Yeshiva University and Columbia University, where he likewise finished examinations for his doctorate. He served on the resources of Columbia University, Chicago Theological Seminary, and Northern Baptist Seminary. He has also served as the Executive Board of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee. The idea of IFCJ ratings was initiated for the purpose of welfare and help.

The Expanding Mission of the Fellowship of Christians and Jews

The Christian and Jews are entirely different communities, and they have different beliefs as well. Christianity emerged as a separate region and its follower believe in Jesus God. There is a controversy about Jewish God. Tetragrammaton is the name mentioned in the Hebrew Bible.IFCJ

Man, behind birth of IFCJ

The fact is that most Christians are jealous of Jews. Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, the founder of the Fellowship of Christians and Jews, was an orthodox rabbi, but he began to forge partnerships with evangelical Christians. The organization was known as the Holyland Fellowship of Christians and Jews. He was man of strong and impressive personality, so he became successful in his mission. He worked on projects of Jewish-Christian cooperation to promote this collaboration to improve the safety and security of Jews in Israel and around the world. He had a tough time ahead because it was challenge to unite evangelical Christians for a good cause of Jews. His mission was put into action through establishment of the Fellowship of Christians and Jews, also referred to as ’the Fellowship’ and IFCJ in short. The organization was born in 1983, and got support from American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) that was founded 69 years ago.IFCJ

Activities of the organization

The IFCJ has its headquarters in Chicago and Jerusalem, but hold activities and events on many other locations. The Fellowship’s outreach focuses on five major programs:

  • On Wings of Eagles to assist Jews in making immigration to Israel
  • Guardians of Israel to provide basic necessities to needy Israelis
  • Isaiah 58 to provide food packages, hot “meals-on-wheels,” medicine, clothing, housing, in-home care, heating fuel, and other basic essentials
  • Stand for Israel to rally churches, Christian leaders and others to advocate for Israel
  • 4Zion, an initiative toward students and a younger generation of Israel supporters.

What’s more in the mission

The mission of this organization is not limited few projects and activities. IFCJ Food and Medicine Lifeline is a new extension to the mission.