COO of “Book of the Month” Blake Orlandi is hiring. Grab the opportunity!

The Book of the Month Club has a history of 90 years, a powerful platform running an e-commerce monthly book subscription service. It empowers readers, in an affordable and convenient way, to buy and discover new books every month. The brand is rapidly growing and currently looking for fresh and diverse talent to continue the company’s growth. CEO John Lippman and COO Blake Orlandi are looking to bring the company to a whole new level.  And that requires new talent.

Currently, they have a job opening for engineers.  Specifically, software engineers for data and cloud operations.  They will be responsible for releasing new features. The engineer will have to make vital business decisions using the company’s data and have to implement automated and tooling deployment systems which will ensure that the features of the company are delivered predictably and consistently.

Book of the Month Club is also looking for someone to fill a director role in performance marketing.  Here they are looking for someone to maximize growth through paid marketing, while staying within budget, to optimize the sources of existing channels as well as expanding and creating new ones. Advertising programs need to be executed across Email, AdWords, Facebook, TV/OTT, and other platforms.

The company is also looking for an influencer, manager and affiliate marketing professional and a director of product management, who will look after the operations and development of the Book of the Month Club Website and improve the online experience. It also includes managing different features of the site to give readers a more efficient and comfortable experience. The director will need to work with engineering and design partners to produce new features including backend applications for consumers.

Other positions newly open include Product Manager, Finance and Accounting Analyst and Member Services Associate.

What is it like working at Book of the Month Club?

Employees who have worked at Book of the Month Club regularly praise the excellent experience working with a brilliant group of passionate book lovers and praise the executive leadership of John Lippman and Blake OrlandiThere are ample opportunities to learn how the new management team have taken a popular subscription service (550,000 subscribers in 1946) that was facing extinction in the Internet age to become one of the premier subscription services in the United States.

It is clear that the company’s future is every bit as bright as its illustrious past.  So if you are looking for a new and challenging professional experience working with some of the best and brightest minds in the publishing industry, Book of the Month Club may be the right place for you!