Titanium Is Tough & Superior to Use for Diversity of Applications

William Gregor studied minerals as a hobby, but his interest to study minerals proved to be boon for this world. Titanium was first element to be discovered when an era of modern chemistry begun in the middle -18th century. Titanium tubeThis was the period when basic concepts of modern chemistry were also developed. The chemists developed a chart, called Periodic Table, showing arrangement and relationship of elements. Titanium found its position in the middle of this Table that showed its worth among many other elements.

Titanium’s superiority over other elements

Over years, chemists realized the supremacy of this element. Though extraction of this element from its natural ore was an uphill task that required money and efforts, yet the amazing properties of this element raised curiosity among chemists to explore this element for multiple applications. The success was achieved, mostly in 1950s, when titanium’s applicability got surge. Titanium tubeThe makers of construction material and equipment for various industries realized the usefulness of this element that existed in metal form. It could be a better substitute of steel as proved from the superiority of titanium tube and pipe.

Titanium: A high-value material for construction

Titanium proved that its properties are far better than steel, and it is a high-value metal as a material for construction and equipment making. Titanium tube proved its worth in many industries. Tube is one of the common titanium mill products. Its superior strength-to-weight ratio and corrosion resistance appeal industries to use it in a range of products. The advancements in terms of titanium alloys has further extended its use in more industries, from power generation to chemical and industrial processing.

Common industries that use titanium tube

Today, most common applications of titanium tube can be viewed in chemical processing, oil and gas, aerospace, and power generation. Titanium is light but strong, and has high immunity against external elements, and that’s why tough and superior to use for diversity of applications.