SHSU and its unique traditions

It is always a great day when you are offered admissions to your preferred degree program from a prestigious University, isn’t it? The Sam Houston state University has several degree programs and its criminal justice course is one of the oldest and the best in the country.

shsu class ringEver since the college got established in 1879, it has undergone several changes to the point that it is now one among the best educational institutions in all of Texas.  The SHSU certainly stands out from the other educational institutions on account of its curriculum, faculty as well as its quixotic traditions like the SHSU class ring.

The Bearkat camp

As with any other college or University across the United States, SHSU also has an original orientation program that targets incoming freshmen. The new students are taken around the campus, provided more information about the University and some of its unique traditions such as the SHSU class ring, Bearkat alley, tree of light and more. This allows the new students t o learn more about the University before their classes even begin. Incidentally, the orientation camp is for a period of 4 days only.

Tree of light:

shsu class ringEach time, as the festive season rolls around, the largest tree would then be decorated, with the students joining in. And whether you are an official Bearkat with the SHSU class ring or a new freshman you can participate in the ceremony, and even leave canned goods for charity at the foot of the tree. The tradition is indeed unique and it culminates with Christmas carols from the choir. And when the choir sings ‘jingle bells’, all the students take their keys out and jingle it was well. On the whole, it is a brand new experience for new students and an old and cherished tradition to participate in.