Why Would You Prefer Hotel Booking Engine Over Facebook Book Now Button?

The strength of social media has been widely recognized to target audiences in the modern time. Social media are powerful tools for business marketing and they also perform well for hospitality industry. They claim to offer many benefits to entertainment and hotel business to allow booking to customers through their networks.

Are social media safe way to make hotel booking

Reservations.comThere is no firm evidence of success of this method of booking because people usually don’t prefer to make booking through social media channels. One thing is that these channels are widely used by people and have no guarantee of security. Anyone can join a social media site and start social interaction. No one can trust the site to make booking or to make a transaction. However, brands use social media to target audiences, but these audiences won’t feel comfortable to make transactions or bookings.

Facebook Book Now Button: Success or failure

The advantage of hotel booking can be enjoyed on Facebook through the use of its feature ‘Facebook Book Now Button’, but how many Facebook users have so far used this feature for hotel booking or how many are going to use it in future. Reservations.comThis feature has no influence, despite the claim by Facebook about its usefulness. The hotel owners maintaining Facebook account have also never encouraged their customers to use this feature. Thus, no one can say whether this feature would be a success or failure in future.

Booking on hotel booking engine site

Most people intending to make hotel booking use hotel booking engine site. Trivago has earned name by publicity; MakeMyTrip is also popular; and there are others that are being popularized. Why not try Reservations.com which has some good features that can be used for most convenient and efficient hotel booking. Thousands of people make hotel booking on this platform every day and some of them place their reviews. You can know what past travelers say about this hotel booking site and try it next time.