The Success Story of John Lippmann Led Book of the Month Club

John Lippman is MBA, and he is an entrepreneur and media personality. His association with Book of the Month Club as its CEO and its parent Bookspan brought him more in limelight. Many old people who are fond of reading and going to book clubs for reading might knew the name of this media personality, but millennials book lovers should be grateful to him because efforts of Lippmann developed association of millennials with Book of the Month Club and helped them to find the books, they needed most for reading. Lippmann has led start-ups, corporate turnarounds, and deals ranging from $5 million up to $3.5 billion. There is lot more to discuss about this media personality.

Lippmann’s vision for success of Book of the Month Club

Since the time, John Lippman joined Bookspan and started working for Book of the Month Club as its CEO, he had no doubt about the progress of this book club. Lippmann is a great visionary. He had one thing in his mind that right decision was needed to make Book of the Club compatible for millennial generation. He knew that success couldn’t arrive by sticking to same old traditional subscription box. Tradition is not bad, but it must make pace with the present. What present generation needs is more important than what past members of Book of the Month Club liked. This point was well picked by its present CEO Lippmann.

How Lippmann’s plan worked

So, John Lippman begun with the plan of makeover of Book of the Month Club that could make it suitable for millennial generation. Lippmann decided the relaunch of the Book of the Month Club through its complete makeover. His idea was great and he achieved great success by moving Book of The Month Club’s existing customers to other book clubs within the Bookspan family, and launched the all-new Book of the Month Club in late 2015. The results were amazing in just two years when the Club’s revenues neared $ 10 million in 2017.

Best Destination Holidaying in New York

As an international hot spot, NYC is the country’s cultural hot spot, with ballet, opera, symphony, and Broadway shows across the world.  The city literally has the best tourist attractions to offer right from the great American Icon, the Statue of Liberty to the most wonderful American Museum of Natural History where you will get the opportunity to witness the fossils of the extinct creature you would never witness anywhere in the globe.

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Top Things you can do in this amazing city

Statue of Liberty National Monument– It’s one of the most iconic sights to see in the city with the most popular harbor cruises. Tourists visiting this monument are sure to get the most incredible experience. You can have the complete view of the monument during the boat ride.

Central park- When you are looking for some scenic tourist Reservations.comdestinations, apparently Central Park is the best place to visit. It is one of the most beautiful landmarks with bridges and fountains. Especially when you are traveling with children, there is no better place than Central Park.

Empire State Building– It is an extremely popular place among travelers. One of the most famous landmarks not only of the locals instead for all the tourists visiting NYC.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art– You can see the breathtaking view of the Central Park and Manhattan from this building. One of the best museum in the world known for its beautiful architecture and collections.

Starting to Read? Try These Tips To Find An Interest In the Same!

Do you want to change your hobby? Or are you looking forward to selecting one of the best hobbies in the world? Well, understand the relevance of reading! Reading is one of the best hobbies you can get in your life. There is no doubt in the fact that reading can help you with gaining knowledge as well as spending your time perfectly.

But if you are new to reading, then start with small steps to make it interesting. You must see that if you love reading in the first place. But how will you find out about the same? Well there are few things you can start doing. It will not only help you save money, but will also help you get through some of the most interesting books.

Well, John Lippmann and people like him have brought you some of the easiest options!

So, what should you do?

Following are few things you must do when it comes to starting with reading books:

  • Visiting libraries:

Visiting the library is not only allow you to get through with the book of your dreams, but also helps you realise how people love reading! The Ambience in itself will as an encouragement you always needed! There is no doubt in the fact that libraries are the best places to read books. And you must try it to stay encouraged!

  • Try the subscription boxes:

Nowadays you can get to with the subscription boxes that come at cheap prices and will allow you to purchase you books every month in return! People like John Lippmann, brings you the best subscription boxes without a doubt! There is no doubt in the fact that will subscription boxes will help you with some of the finest books of your time and without the fear of losing money.

These are some of the best things you can do when was starting of with reading as a hobby! With the help of people like John Lippman, things will be easy!