Some Facts About Yael Eckstein’s Personal Life, Traits & Personality

The reign of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ), having its headquarters in Chicago and Jerusalem, continued under the presidentship of its founder Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein who died recently in February this year due to cardiac arrest.Yael Eckstein

Rabbi Eckstein ruled and commanded this international charity for 35 years and raised over million dollars every year in donations from envious Christians. Yael Eckstein, the daughter of deceased Yechiel Eckstein, took over charge of her father’s legacy, as expected by most followers of IFCJ.        

About Yael Eckstein’s personal life

Yael Eckstein was born in Evanston, Illinois in United States, but completed her education in Israel. New York, and Jerusalem. Her alma maters were Torat Chesed Seminary in Israel, followed by Queens College in New York, and Hebrew University in Jerusalem. She secured degrees in biblical studies and Jewish and sociology studies. She is now married and lives with her husband and four children in Jerusalem where her father was also living.

About Yael’s traits

Yael Eckstein has remarkable media traits. She is an expert on Jewish-Christian relations and an esteemed social services professional. She is also recognized as a published writer and regular writer as well. She is also the author of two books; her first book Holy Land Reflections was published in 2012, and second book Spiritual Cooking with Yael was published in 2014. As a regular writer, she writes blogs and op-eds for The Jerusalem Post and The Times of Israel. She performed briefing and participated in Panel Discussion on Religious Persecution in the Middle East in Washington, D.C., and also addressed at global events.Yael Eckstein

Yael’s recognition

Yael was a prominent personality due to her own achievements, and her recognition as a daughter of IFCJ President’s daughter was also prominent, but she herself acquired the status of the President of IFCJ after her father. The status of Yael has upgraded, and Jews have more expectations from Yael than her father.



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The Spectacular Career of Yael Eckstein

YaelEckstein happens to be a noteworthy global figure. She has transformed the world with her progressive ideas and firm beliefs.Yael Eckstein

Personal Details

Yael Eckstein is the daughter of Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein. She was born in Illinois.Her vast knowledge about Biblical Studies, Jewish and Sociology studies has helped her a lot. She has pursued her studies from American and Israeli educational institutions.

Significant achievements

She is the president of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews.The main purpose of the organization is to educate the Christian youth. It also aims to highlight the importance of Israel.

As a matter of fact, Eckstein can elaborate on the Jewish life in detail. She also knows about the Jewish faith in great depth.

Her opinions on improving Jewish-Christian relations are praiseworthy. She has also talked about the religious persecution in the Middle East.

Interestingly, she has also been a part of the Religious Liberty Panel in Washington DC.She has carried forward her father’s legacy of the philanthropist empire. In one of her interviews, she has eulogized her father by saying that he was a rebel with a cause.Yael Eckstein

Eckstein is also a writer and a social service professional. She has been the author of two books which are Holy Land Reflections: A Collection of Inspirational Insights from Israel and Spiritual Cooking with Yael.

She has been called one of the most influential women of Israel because of the wide array of achievements and contributions. She has been a recipient of a number of awards.

Wrapping it up, Yael Eckstein has carved out a niche for herself. She has been spearheading serious debates and has transformed peoples ‘perceptions. Her opinions on the Jewish-Christian relations have been appreciated. Her insight on the Jewish faith and life has thrown light on various aspects.

How IFCJ would make most of the fundraising events?

International Fellowship of Christians and Jews is the non-profit organization that is growing leaps and bounds by serving the people globally. These IFCJ ratings people work with the aim to reinforce the relationship between Jewish and Christian community. They also use the funds to dispense food, clothes and medicine to the victims of war and terrorism besides offering job aids to the immigrants of Israel. These people spend less than 35% of the people to generate funds. IFCJ ratingsThey conduct various fundraising events to accumulate funds to run the charitable organization. They pick the right fundraising events that would serve the purpose. However, prior to funding, it is important to read the reviews and IFCJ ratings of the charitable organization. This gives a clear cut on how the charitable organization is operating and how they are spending the amount donated and are they spending it for the cause or not. This lets you decide whether or not to donate them.

To raise funds, it takes a lot of money and time on people. These people will have a proper plan in place to accomplish the goal through these events

Here is how IFCJ ratings would make most of the fundraising events:

IFCJ ratingsGet donors who can donate food, help in finding the venue and host entertainment activities. This will grab the attention of the huge crowd to attend the fundraising event and make it a big success. This is the best way to get contributions without having any relationship with the donor prior.

The Sponsorships would increase the income generated from the event. Sponsors would pay the charitable organization to get publicity through the event and promote about their company in the event.

Conduct auctions in the event to let people buy your items. This helps them generate more funds than expected.

Distribute ad books to the people who make the event. The ad books would have ads along with the information about this non-profit organization.

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