The Expanding Mission of the Fellowship of Christians and Jews

The Christian and Jews are entirely different communities, and they have different beliefs as well. Christianity emerged as a separate region and its follower believe in Jesus God. There is a controversy about Jewish God. Tetragrammaton is the name mentioned in the Hebrew Bible.IFCJ

Man, behind birth of IFCJ

The fact is that most Christians are jealous of Jews. Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, the founder of the Fellowship of Christians and Jews, was an orthodox rabbi, but he began to forge partnerships with evangelical Christians. The organization was known as the Holyland Fellowship of Christians and Jews. He was man of strong and impressive personality, so he became successful in his mission. He worked on projects of Jewish-Christian cooperation to promote this collaboration to improve the safety and security of Jews in Israel and around the world. He had a tough time ahead because it was challenge to unite evangelical Christians for a good cause of Jews. His mission was put into action through establishment of the Fellowship of Christians and Jews, also referred to as ’the Fellowship’ and IFCJ in short. The organization was born in 1983, and got support from American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) that was founded 69 years ago.IFCJ

Activities of the organization

The IFCJ has its headquarters in Chicago and Jerusalem, but hold activities and events on many other locations. The Fellowship’s outreach focuses on five major programs:

  • On Wings of Eagles to assist Jews in making immigration to Israel
  • Guardians of Israel to provide basic necessities to needy Israelis
  • Isaiah 58 to provide food packages, hot “meals-on-wheels,” medicine, clothing, housing, in-home care, heating fuel, and other basic essentials
  • Stand for Israel to rally churches, Christian leaders and others to advocate for Israel
  • 4Zion, an initiative toward students and a younger generation of Israel supporters.

What’s more in the mission

The mission of this organization is not limited few projects and activities. IFCJ Food and Medicine Lifeline is a new extension to the mission.

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How IFCJ will carry out its business operations?

International Fellowship of Christians and Jews is a famous charitable organization that is doing many humanitarian activities and is gaining the attention of the donors. On top of this, many positive reviews and good IFCJ ratings about this organization are pulling the eyes of the donors to donate funds to them. The motto of this organization is to promote better understanding between the Christians and Jewish besides giving enough support to the Christians who are residing in Israel.  These people are maintaining high transparency of the financial information on the website. They also provide a website address, physical address and phone number of the organization. IFCJ ratingsThis allows the donor to visit the charitable organization at any point of time after checking IFCJ ratings. This charitable organization is receiving millions of dollars from the Christians globally.

This organization is working rigorously to eradicate poverty and the fight against Semitism. They are also helping the Jews to return to Israel. The Israel immigrants are giving job training to settle down in this place and lead a happy life. They also offer aid to the victims of terrorism and war by distributing medicine, hot meals and clothing. This IFCJ ratings charity meets all the governance standards. The criterion that is set by the watchdog site is met by this site as a result of which it is rated as the trustworthy charitable organization. IFCJ ratingsThere are 11 board members working for the welfare of this organization. None of them are paid. These people are providing voluntary services to the trust. The board of directors would meet regularly to discuss the goals and work hard to reach the mission. The board will give the list of future actions that are to be done and decide the annual budget for the year.

They spend around 65% of funds on doing charity work and less than 35% of the fundraising events to accumulate more funds.

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